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Under US law, your Internet Service Provider (Comcast, Verizon, etc.) has the right to collect information about you without your permission, just like any website owner does. While they all claim they don’t sell customer data, it is certainly worth a lot of money to ad companies, and there is nothing legally stopping them. This is a major problem, as half of the people on the internet in the US only have one choice of ISP, so for many, it’s either be spied on or go without internet. Here I’ve done a basic IP lookup, which returned my location down to the area of the city in which I live. You can also hide your IP adress on mobile devices with a VPN service for Android or iPhone.

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Even if an attacker manages to intercept your traffic en route from the final node to your destination server, it’d be very difficult to parse your original IP address at that point. Here, we take a look at three tools you can use to hide your IP address.

  • However, directing your traffic through multiple servers takes extra time.
  • Unless you deliberately choose to get a new one, it remains the same.
  • Public WiFi can leave you vulnerable to hackers, malware, and other security threats.
  • We strongly recommend using a VPN for protection if you use a public connection.
  • That’s because they’re typically used by things like servers, on which you’ll want to have an address that never changes.

Each offers its own blend of privacy, security, and practicality. 2.In most cases, you could type your local area DNS server IP addresses into it.

Many IP addresses are linked to a real-world address, or at least to a general location. If you’re frequently using false IP addresses to change your online location, no one will be able to figure out where you actually are. Some sites or content platforms may block traffic from known proxies, so you’ll have to be careful if you’re trying to use a proxy to access media. Each relay node along your traffic’s pathway through the Tor network only knows the IP address of the node immediately before and after it.

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Just as Amazon needs your address to send you a package, servers around the world need your IP address to send you data. That means your IP address needs to be public — any website you drop bos visit must be able to access it. Governments and businesses are snooping more than ever — so you might want to hide your IP address. Learn how to do it by using a proxy server, VPN or Tor.